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Services Available in San Miguel:
- Mail, Packing and Shipping
- Airport Pick-up and Tour Services
- Health and Beauty
- Lawyers and Immigration
- Hospitals and Doctors
- Caterering and Event Planning
- Mexican Government Office
- American Consulate

With more and more Americans, Canadians and Europeans moving to San Miguel there are now quite a few businesses and services in San Miguel de Allende devoted to making life here simpler and more pleasant for both visitors and foreign residents.

Many people use of a mail courier service in stead of using the Mexican Post office which also works well, there are DHL offices too.

San Miguel has a hospital (Hospital de la Fe) located on the outside of town. There is an IMSS Hospital located at the top of town. There are also many fine hostpitals in Queretaro if there is something serious it is probably better to go to Queretaro or Mexico City.

For getting your paperwork setteled there are lawyers and accountants that will handel all of that

Planning to build or renovate a home, you may want to consider the services of an architect.